Monday, May 22, 2017

Jewelry Making May 22

I need to get back to making more pieces more often.  I am finding a lot of beads, gemstones and findings more often than I have time to do something with them.


The red and gold glass beads looked fun and can go with the Harry Potter themed jewelry I have been working on. 


I used sterling silver findings, chipped rose quartz beads and dyed blue agate for the pair below.


The dyed coral spacer wasn't as bright red as the spot of the red and turquoise glass bead, but it worked.  The dyed blue green agate sits as the larger bottom bead.


I added square hematite spaces with the glass beads and used all sterling silver for the findings. 


This is a pretty onyx pendant with a silvertone finish.  Not sure if I am going to attach it to a chain or to cloth.

There is a slight color difference with these amethyst pendants or points.  They are heavy and would need a strong leather cord.


I paired the lighter point with a softer satin cord, but it can be later switched out with a thicker leather cord. 


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Jewelry creations in 15 mins


  I needed a creative break at work.  I am working on some samples and demos for my upcoming Jewelry Workshop at work.  I don't have time to work with the smaller beads that would and should require a needle and thread, so I will settle for earrings. 

I stopped by Joann's this morning on the way to work to pick up some summer decorations (and a lot of stuff is 70% off right now) and discovered that they are also having sales that are 40% - 50% off jewelry findings and gemstones.


Jewelry Basics does not put the type of stones they package on the label, so people have to figure out what the stone is on their own.   If I am not mistaken, and I apologize if I am, from left to right for the gemstone pendants there is Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite and Tiger Eye. The smaller charms are just reflective cute beads that I made earrings with below. 

This is what I did with the Lapis Lazuli pendant point!  This is a gorgeous stone that goes with almost anything. 

Most of the stuff I make is easy to make and anyone can do it.  

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

There is more!!!! Gryffindor inspired accessories

This is one of the few attempts at a drawstring handbag using Red Heart's Team colored yarn and I chose USC colors.  However, in my world and with many other fellow Harry Potter fans, Gryffindor colors, Red and Gold.  I bought a few Gryffindor crest patches to help me out with choosing the right shades of yarn.  The self-striping colored Red Heart yarn worked and they also had separate Gold as well as Garnet skeins of yarn. 

I didn't want to follow a pattern because I wanted to see where this experiment would take me and below is the result.  

I didn't make the strap too long and I used two skeins of the self-striping yarn. I plan on making another bag and I will use the different colored skeins to make the stripes more uniform and even. The patches were hot glued on to the bag on one side.  

Below are earrings in Citrine and Garnet with sterling silver findings.  It's still in the Gryffindor spirit!

This pair is with gold and burgundy glass beads.

The bracelets were strung with Gold and Red dyed Agate nuggets. 

I made another crochet bad using red heart yarn!


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Red queen inspired jewelry

I had never dressed up for Dapper Day at Disneyland and I was inspired when I saw this adorable dress at Hot Topic on clearance in my size! I could not pass it up and I only paid around 24 dollars for the dress after the discount.  It was all red with Gold heart undertones and had this flattering sweetheart neckline.  Hot topic has really been stepping up their game with their pop culture themed dresses and skirts.  They carry sizes from 0 to 28 which is fantastic and I believe Hot Topic owns Torrid, so they have the same style or type of dresses.

I wanted to make some matching accessories that would go with the theme, so i went to Joann's and found some heart-shaped pendants.  I already had some rose beads and some findings, so this was what I came up with over the span of a couple of hours.

The bracelet was already a chain of beads, so this is just added findings.

I wanted earrings that would pop and I think the gaudy aspect is what I was going for for this look.

I liked how  the pendant with the red cord came out, because it went with the contrast of the gold in the dress.


I tried on the earrings and realized that they were too heavy, so I made a smaller pair.

These felt much lighter and were more comfortable to wear.


And now for the dress!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Recent earrings and pendant necklaces

On one glorious afternoon with my best friend, her daughter and cousin,  we made some jewelry.  

I try to work on my WIPs (works in progress) as much as I can, because of my busy schedule, it can be challenging.  I shop for various beads and findings all the time.  I find many items at closeout and discount stores when I am not using coupons from Michael's or Joann's.

Below is a pair of moonstone earrings with sterling silver findings and I used some chipped moonstone beads I bought at Michael's.  

This pair below has sterling silver fish hooks and agate beads.  

This pair has a Onyx spacer and sterling silver fishhooks.  The stone may be a dyed crazy agate, but I am not sure.

Rose quartz beads are easy to identify and are common.  These heart shaped beads came in various sizes.

This pair has a jade spacer and sterling silver fish hooks.

This pair is all rose quartz and sterling silver.  

It's fun to work with pendants and I like simple cord necklaces.  I hope to work on some bigger and longer beaded styles this summer.  Below is an Amethyst pendant necklace.

Rose Quartz....

These earrings are crazy agate with sterling silver!

Citrine pendant with a soft satin cord.

Glass beads are lightweight and beautiful.  I wanted to make a matching bracelet to go with the earrings. 

These bright yellow beads and sea blue beads were a Tuesday morning find.   They became stretch bracelets. 

My friend's patio table was full of stray beads even after we finished and she carefully collected some after I left for the night.  They were waiting for me the next time I stopped by!