Monday, February 24, 2014

More organizing, crochet practice and Kre-o finds and Kre-O news

There haven't been many KRE-O sets at close out stores lately, but I managed to find a few at Ross over the weekend.  I think the quality is great, but they cannot compete with Lego. Apparently, The KRE-O Transformer line will be taking a break after the film is released this year. It is rumored that they will have four sets that will have a Dinobot theme around that time and then they will be on hiatus for a year.  When that passes, these sets will be Toys R Us exclusive like the G.I. Joe sets, which I think is a good thing, but in the meantime, we are collecting Battleship sets or any stray Transformer sets for parts.

I have moved my cookbooks to a more accessible place.  I will use them more if I see them all the time.  I have a tendency to go online for recipes and tear meal ideas out of magazines.


I have included my herb books and craft books on this bookcase as well.  This is just a fraction of my book collection.  I have a huge library of herbal medicine, nutrition and books on health.

Below is my latest quick knit.  I am trying to practice more and learn different stitches.  Crochet books are great, but it cannot beat a You Tube tutorial.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pink skulls and current reads.....

I picked up these cute pink skulls from Michael's this week, because they reminded me of all of these awesome betsey Johnson bags out there!  I decided to go with some onyx spacers and beads.


Silver wouldn't do.....the dark metal pins just looked better!

This is one of my many library checkouts this week.  I find that you tube videos are much more helpful because there are various examples of ways to hold the hook and how to do basic stitches.  Unlike many of the books out there, this book isn't too complicated....


Although I am in charge of the fiction section at the library, I read mostly non-fiction.   I just finished Adam Carolla's first book and now I am on to the next.   Did I mention that next to Marc Maron, he has one of the best podcasts ever?  

And my obsession with true crime....this gal is friggin nuts! 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Three pairs for today and for my aunt's bday

I am really behind on my jewelry making.   I have been knitting a lot at work with ongoing workshops and so far, so good.  People are really enjoying learning how to loom knit and I am working on a spring scarf for one of my baby brothers currently and it's 100% cotton.   I must say, I have fallen in love with cotton yarn and anything by sugar and cream.   Anything that you can put in the washing machine is a great friend to your wardrobe.  Plus practice makes perfect.  We are learning from each other and I hope to finish this for my brother soon.

  But back to the earrings below.  My aunt hits a milestone this year and I always mail something to Denver for her birthday each year.   She wears a lot of red and looks great in white, so I wanted to do something with my dyed coral beads. 

Coral is the essence of life and a first chakra stone.   Good for anyone full of life and energy.   I added a jet spacer between the beads as an accent.  


Below is rhondite and onyx.   Rhondite is a love stone and affects the fourth chakra.  Essential to all women and represents love and forgiveness.   Onyx, as I have mentioned before represents strength and protection.  And besides, black goes with everything..........

Now to the third pair.  How could I leave out carnelian?  It looks great with the shell beads and it a love, money and health gemstone.  One of my favorites next to garnet! 


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

weekend in San Diego and toy runs......

Almost a couple of weeks ago, Austin and I saw Ash two nights in a row and it was incredible! They really put on a great live show and the crowd had the right amount of energy to go with it! The first night, they played ten minutes from home at the Echo and we drove down to San Diego for the second night. 

We had a chance to meet the band after the San Diego show and they were posing for pics and greeting everyone who hung out afterward!  Such nice guys! Austin hadn't seem them live in nearly a decade and this was my first time seeing them live!


Austin and Drummer Mark discussing Star Wars for about fifteen minutes!  


Once all of the concert excitement of the weekend was over, we spent the following Sunday running around to every close out store for toy runs.  Below is what I found at Tuesday Morning! They still have affordable Barbie clothes! YAY!