Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend of 5/10

I have been working two Saturdays in a row every month and off the other two in a row.  A friend of mine, Amber was modeling at Kawaiiland at Los Globos in Silverlake and it happened to be on a Saturday I worked.   I decided to go anyway and show support (and look at all of the cool art and cute trinkets.).  My friend Luc showed up and we hung out a bit.   I met up with Amber to say hi, right before this band went on called "Nylon pink".  


The upstairs area had many vendors, a bar and live music. 


Nylon pink has a new fan in me!  They rocked! They are an all female Asian rock band!  


They had many artists downstairs where they held the fashion show and one of a kind creations.


The fashion show started at 9pm and the attire was really ultra cute. 

Below is the gorgeous Amber!  She looked fantastic and I was so proud of her!

Some of these outfits were hot! 

These ladies looked great!  It was a blast!  


I hope they have more Kawaiiland events, I didn't really get a chance to shop because I arrived around 8pm, but hopefully I will next time.

As for my own projects and crafts, I actually finished my Easter cotton scarf (as my husband called it).  I usuall have more than one project going and this was one I was carrying around in my purse. 


I added the color coordinated butterflies at the bottom.  


My mom was interested and had an outfit to match it, so it's hers now.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pendants of the day 5/7/14

I had to buy this pendant.  It came with a ragged chain, so I decided to put it on a satin cord.  Neat for an old school Trekkie.  I thought about watching the original series from beginning to end.  Then moving on to the original films. My mom would love that type of marathon.   I grew up watching Star Trek reruns.


That was easy.  This can work on a choker too.   I may get another one and make a braided choker.  


I've been collecting various beads and pendants for a few months.   The crosses are something I usually pick up, but chains of larger beads allow me to explore more.  The black beads are onyx and the larger pink beads with black and gray undertones is rhodonite.  


Rhodonite is believed to relieve anxiety and clear mental blocks.  It's great for the heart and respiratory system as well.  


This necklace didn't take as long as expected.  I used 2 different tools, but I made it work.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Amethyst and rose quartz combo....

I love amethyst and rose quartz.  It's a great color and energy combination.  The pendant below is silver tone and amethyst chips stacked. 


For the earrings. I am using amethyst square beads and white cloudy glass beads. 

To top off the earrings, I used square/diamond shaped rose quartz beads.


I found some rose quartz chipped beads and square beads to include for the second pair.


These earrings are good for the fourth and seventh chakra.   Love and clarity stones.   Aside from being a love and friendship stone, rose quartz is good for improving sleep, circulation and the complexion.  It is believed that amethyst is a great protection and concentration stone.  These stones can be cleaned under warm running water, but it's advised to keep them out of direct sunlight.  

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Renaissance pleasure faire 2014

I love going to Ren Faire.  I have been going off and on for the past 16 years.  I didn't start dressing up until 2001.  Dressing up is all a part of the experience.  I started working on a garland and it turned out to be huge.  The idea was to put all of these big roses all around and it was too much for my huge head. Haha!


So I combined some of my roses from my garland from last year.  The black roses stayed, the purple ones were removed.


This was still pretty big adding the white and red roses with the black, but I needed to put something on my head, so I made it work.

My friend Chevy and I decided to go to Faire on Pirate or Swashbuckler weekend. 

Chevy and I met up with her friends Delarie and Dana.  We had a great time walking around and looking for shade whenever possible.   It was hot out today and we stayed hydrated.  Most of the vendors that were there last year were here this year.  Many beautiful original pieces of art, jewelry and attire.  I felt inspired. 

One of my priorities was to pick up more of this fabulous incense.  They didn't have much chocolate left, so I bought two.  Here is the website.
This stuff is incredible. 

Chevy rocked her pirate look.  


These caught my eye.  

Especially the Autobot mug. nice! 

Josting time.....

She made the hat herself!


Delarie and Dana! I love her skirt!

All in all, a great day with friends and the heat was worth it.  The food was great too!