Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Not to humble brag, but I have awesome friends that have made mybirthday week amaze balls!

Ok so that title makes me look like a spaz.   Guilty! You got me.  But I am still stoked.  I got more toys for my 😖birthday........thanks again to Teri, tony and rose! And places who send me bday coupons!

Badass Ursula steampunk watch! 

Busting out the Lego set.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

My 40th birthday.

I wasn't going to do anything on my bday but maybe go to the hot springs with one of my best friends, heather, but I figured maybe I should do something official.   Back in the day, I used to be great at organizing get togethers and parties.   I have lost that touch as I have gotten older due to laziness, being a survivalist, hermit and just a plain weirdo.   I am a person that has met a lot of people in her life and knows people, but I have a small circle of people I can trust to call friends.  Unfortunately, we live all over the country and its hard to get together.   Some of the ladies I know are agoraphobes like myself and didn't feel like being social. (No judgements here, because I am bad at being social and never feel like it. And others were stuck working at the county library on a Saturday.....Anyway, I did manage to coerce a small group of girls to join me in temecula for some wine tasting and I and forever in their debt.   I wouldn't have been able to do it without heather, Jill and Chevy.  Thanks again Heather for always driving every time we have an outing.

So Heather was driving and Chevy likes the sweet stuff.  Jill is a beer person so guess who got all the wine? Like I was complaining.  In fact, they were just time samples, they were very generous at this particular winery! 

Heather and Chevy got chocolate port boots.  I am not big on port, so I just watched.


After we headed out to dinner......I wore the tiara like a champ.....

The longshawdow winery was a lot of fun and I decided on the white merlot.  It reminded me of an old trader joes wine that they had back in the day.  

We had a day full of laughs and bonding.  I felt the love and I am grateful for another year because I almost didn't make it 20 years ago.