Monday, January 20, 2014

Earrings for the day and Betsey Johnson bags !

Everyone close to me knows that I have been on a Betsey kick for awhile.   Anytime I see a Ross, Marshall's or t.j. Maxx, I am on the prowl for Betsey bags for gifts and even myself.  All the skulls, roses and leopard print are very rock n' roll.  I am getting too old to wear certain things and I have passed on items I wore at the club in the past to a baby cousin.   Brooke's daughter, tori.   Some things I have kept for sentimental value and other things can still be rocked.   Those others just make my aging self look ridiculous.   I may still be relatively thin for my age, but that doesn't give me the right to dress like a teenager.  However, I can still rock crazy handbags!

These were less than 30 dollars at Ross.   The rainbow looking one is a makeup bag, but it can be used as a purse.   I think I am going to get another, but in a different print.   

We are moving into Aquarius season which means my mother's birthday and a few friends birthdays.  One favorite aunt too!  I found an amazing Betsy item for one of my best friends who is finally turning 30.  Which means for one whole year, I can gloat that she and I will be in the same decade!  I need to get to making more things.  My mom and stepmom are born at close dates, January 20th and January 21st.  They both love handmade things and earrings especially, so it's not too hard to create something special for each one of them.  My aunt is creative, but she loves anything you give her. 

Feeling the effects of the new year, I am still in housecleaning mode, so I am still getting rid of things and redecorating.   In addition, I plan to make more time to make more jewelry again and focus on my specialty, earrings.  Thus, today, I worked on two pair using dyed coral beads and onyx. 

I have included some regular cracked crystal beads for the accent on one pair.  

Monday, January 13, 2014

Finished scarf and more reflections.....

Well, after a few weeks, I finally finished this scarf and it's a wool blend.

I have a fascination with orange and I love this color combo!  I used a 10mm hook and it was an easy job to finish.  

I received some pictures from my friend Mickey and these 3 shots from the holidays warmed my heart.  


I knitted scarves for she and her aunt.  Mickey is also wearing the red rhinestone cross necklace I made her!  This really makes me feel loved.  Not to mention, my sweet cousin shaylene tagged me in her scarf photo on Facebook.   I really appreciate the love and appreciation.  I don't do things for acknowledgement or to get anything in return, but it's always nice to get a thank you or when someone shows appreciation.  Lord knows I have felt slighted and have been hurt by people in these past five years.  People don't realize that they get back what they put out and I guess they cannot stop being selfish assholes. Ha ha! I learned that lesson as a young child and straightened up quick.   I have learned a lot and have learned to stop casting pearls before swine.   And I still continue to learn at this school called life.  

Which leads me to this.  I am doing my best to get better with keeping in touch and phone calls with friends.   Our friends are our selected family.   I appreciate all of you who have met me halfway, because in return I will meet you halfway.   

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 is here.

Another year and more hope for putting good or better habits to practice.  Yeah, we'll see.  I have given up on planning to work out everyday.   If I do it, great, if not, I don't beat myself up over it anymore.   I know I should exercise more, so I do more housework in place of it.   Housework can be a bit of a workout by itself.   Especially if yard work is included.  Lately, I have been obsessed with cleaning and donating to Goodwill.   Recently, my husband and I got rid of two bookcases and two love seats.  The space in the living room is worth it!  I want to get some crates for our vinyl record collection, because I'll play them more if they are more accessible.

However, I do have some resolutions in mind and I want to keep it light and fun.   I know I want to make more jewelry and knit more, that goes without saying.   But I need to add more structure to my life, so here is my list.

1. Do some knitting or crocheting every day.  Even if it's just for a few minutes.
2. Drink more water.  (And not sparkling water either.)
3. Take better care of my nails and start getting manicures.  (Don't be surprised if I get acrylics going)
4. Go roller skating at least once a week at the rink.  I was doing that for awhile,  I need to start doing that again.
5. Write affirmations in a journal each day! 
6.  Listen to different artists more.  I love my prog rock and guitarists and should discover more artists that make this great music.
7. Keep the Betsy Johnson handbag obsession going and buy them when they are a great price.  I have already found a few and the hunt hasn't stopped.  
8. Cut down on coffee.

I am not going to promise I will stick to any of these, but I will try.   Now back to cleaning house and finding more things to get rid of.