Monday, April 29, 2013

Crazy Agate and Rose Quartz Tear drop pendants!

This rose quartz pendant is larger than expected.   The color is a bright pale pink with silver plated metal.  Below is crazy agate.  Agate is believed to absorb emotional turmoil and promotes laughter. Both gemstones encourage security, alleviate grief and promote compassion.  I think because of this, both pendants would make friendship necklaces. 


I added pink ribbon cord for the rose quartz pendant!  The Agate was matched with a chocolate brown satin cord.  This pendant in particular is smooth and has a warm tone! Agate clears energy blockages and soothes the organs of the body.  In other words,  it brings positive vibes and encourages happy energy! I see both stones as people stones.

The pinks matched perfectly!  I don't think the brown cording was too off either.  I purchase the ribbon and satin cording in these colors from Joann's.  Joann's carries a bigger variety of colors in cording and necklace findings.  

Saturday, April 27, 2013

A little something to wear for Ren Faire!

I love the Renaissance Faire! My friend Shevy and I decided to check it out this year.  It's been years since I have gone and I have really dressed up for the occasion in the past.    I have worn flower garland headbands/headpieces in the past, but wanted to make my own so I put together something pretty quick for the weekend!  My former brother-in-law made me a gorgeous one in 2002, but I could not find it!  Forgive me if I am not using the proper language for all of the Ren Faire diehards out there! :)

I had some silk flowers that I used and I bought more black and purple silk roses from Michael's!  I planned on adding ribbon, but forgot about it as I got into the project.

I was going to use just hot glue, but decided to use safety pins just in case I wanted to change some of the flowers in the future.  

However, I did use hot glue for the leaves. 

It was a pirate theme this weekend and I didn't have much of that in my costume collection, but I made it work.  I have a bunch of fairy like costumes, but I wanted to steer away from that a bit.  I noticed a lot of gals dressed like fairies and they looked fantastic!

In fact,  I knew it was going to be really warm this weekend, so I wanted to wear something that didn't cause me to suffocate too much! Here are some highlights of today.....

There were a ton of vendors that had unique items.  Tons of clothing, jewelry and accessory vendors.  There was a vendor that seem to sell every gemstone available and most of it was authentic. Some dyed stones, but not many.   Shevy picked up a gorgeous wand and we both selected some incense.

Overall, it was a fun day!  Lots of great shopping, some decent snack food and Stella on tap! I also felt inspired from the jewelry I saw and I have a great appreciation for all of the talented people out there selling their goods!  It is worth going for the shopping and crazy fun atmosphere!  And you can't ignore all the fabulous costumes and corsets! 

Friday, April 26, 2013

Listening. We were taught this as children and how often we forget......

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The definition of Listen from

transitive verb
: to give ear to : hear
intransitive verb
: to pay attention to sound <listen to music>
: to hear something with thoughtful attention : give consideration <listen to a plea>
: to be alert to catch an expected sound <listen for his step>

I think people forget the true definition.  We are taught this in Nursery school, our parents tell us, friends, siblings, grandparents etc.  We all understand it intellectually, but how many remain to do this?  I ask myself everyday.  I know and I am sure many can attest that they feel like no one hears them at times.  I have come to the conclusion that the reason why people feel this way is because people have stopped listening. 
We live in a age where one can choose what and who they want to listen to.  Some of us know that we have to listen to our bosses, spouses, children, parents and other loved ones.  You can know you have to listen to these people, but how many of us do?  I have lost count of how many times I and others around me have been interrupted while they are speaking.  When did this become acceptable?  To me it's just blatantly rude and inconsiderate.  We have all done this, because it just seems like we are fighting to be heard.  Interjecting is one thing, not letting someone talk and talking at someone is another.  Technology has given each one who has access their own personal soapbox and as a result, people are forgetting to listen.   This causes problems in all relationships whether it be personal or professional.  
It's easy to listen to music, TV, the news, gossip, preachers in church etc.  How many of us absorb facts?  Why does all the BS get repeated, but knowledge does not?  There are some that share great ideals and knowledge, but most of us just spread gossip and pop culture.  Chatter is becoming idle.  Once upon a time, communication had a purpose, music and art had a message and people shared facts as well as ideas.  Now, don't get me wrong, a lot of people are still spreading knowledge and great ideas.  But there is too much dumbing down in this world because people are listening less and talking more. 
I try to make a conscious effort to listen more than I talk and I still get cut off and interrupted.  Talk about feeling invalidated and disrespected.  I am sure this happens to a lot of people.   When are people going to become more self-aware and stop doing this to one another?  We all want to be heard or listened to.  Why is what you have to say more important than what someone else is saying?  Communication involves talking as well as listening.  The old saying is true, we need to listen more than we talk.  No wonder motor mouths, know-it-alls and busy bodies can tick others off.  Just shut up and listen.  When you listen, you can learn and make sure you wait till someone finishes before asking a question or just wanting to hear yourself talk!  Silence is not weakness.    

Monday, April 22, 2013

Rose Quartz and jade Strikes Again....

These stones are for love or money stones.  I had bought a bracelet a few years back that had this so called combination, but it was actually aventurine.  Many confuse jade and aventurine because they are both green.  I notice a huge difference now that I work with all types of gemstones.  Real jade ranges from a pale green to a warm bright green.   Aventurine is always a bit darker.

Both jade and rose quartz are great stones to enhance fertility and devotion.   

Rose quartz is the number one friendship stone next to moonstone.  Moonstone absorbs the wearers moods, Rose quartz encourages tolerance and unconditional love.   

Both stones enhance the wearer's self-worth!  We all need a little encouragement!

Jade helps people recognize the truth without clouded judgement.  In other words, it's all about discernment.  Not to mention, great to wear to represent money and prosperity in every aspect in life!  Wealth and prosperity isn't only about money.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Carnelian and Jade Combo

Maybe I have done this combo before, but it's a positive one.  Both Carnelian and Jade are protection stones as well as stones that represent love

Carnelian is rich in color and energizes the wearer.  It symbols motivation, ambition and protection from calamity.  

Jade promotes intuition and encourages prosperity in love as well as finances.   Jade with Carnelian promotes flow of communication and self-reliance.  

Using sterling silver is good to bring energy flow into the body, whereas gold releases energy.

The end result........

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Earrings of the day! Baltic Amber Chipped Beads

I decided to use some Baltic amber beads (chipped) for some sterling silver earrings.  Amber is one of those stones that is very expensive and Baltic amber is the most common.   

I love how flat these beads were and how they would work well for bracelets and necklaces.

Amber is a good luck stones and eases joint issues in the body.  Damali by Gemstone gifts states that Amber relieves anxiety, eases depression and is a good emotional protection stone.  It promotes clarity and clears unwanted energy.  I have heard that it is great to wear for liver, bladder and spleen complaints. Amber is also a beautiful name.  :)  These beads may be synthetic, but the color is still pretty.  I am tempted to try to the burn test to see if they are real.

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