Monday, January 30, 2017

Betsey Johnson Bags I am saying goodbye to

I have been collecting Betsey Johnson purses for a few years.  Not only do I collect Betsey Johnson bags, I use them!  These purses will be purged from the collection for many years of wear and tear. They are still in great condition, but I have others that I have been using more often. 

This was the first Betsey Johnson, actually Betseyville that I bought.  I bought this on clearance at 
JC Penny when they still carried a Betseyville handbag line.  With my coupon, I paid 16.00.

This next one I found marked down at Ross.  It was 20.00.

This bag was another Ross find for 29.99.  It normally went for 39.99 at Ross, but I waited and it still was there ready for me to purchase. 

This is another Ross find for 29.99 and I found this one at a Ross in San Diego.  I never saw a Betsey Bag that looked like this one.

Time to say goodbye and pass on..........At least there is room for the new.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Current crochet hats

I made a couple of wool blend hats for myself.  Anything with maroon and brown undertones works for me.
So I have been making hats most of this holiday/winter season for Knots of Love.  Here is what I have so far.....




A nice set!

I paired some beads that I had which happened to be onyx and some glass beads from Tuesday morning. I like the result. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sac Anime 2017

So this was a trip I planned a long time ago and we didn't arrive until Friday evening.  Unfortunately, we missed Friday festivities and there were some great cosplay meetups at this con on the first day.

I noticed that people were friendlier and people seemed more polite.  I doubt harassment was a huge problem over the weekend. 

I caught a couple of panels on Saturday.  This one with Khary Peyton was great!  Hilarious and engaging.  He made sure to answer everyone's questions and was beyond gracious. 

My friend Teri, dressed as Dewey Novak and holding her autographed photo with Khary Peyton.  She is dressed as her Steampunk Hawkgirl and looked awesome!

This was the Beauty and the Beast panel.  Robby Benson was there!

We spent much of the weekend catching up with old friends so I didn't get a chance to take many cosplay pictures, but here are a few. 

Me, as Lady Ranicorn from Adventuretime!

The mister and I catching up with an old Bot Con pal!

So this was our huge haul from the weekend.  The Mister got great deals on every single one of these toys, so I could not object or complain.  We have been clearing space and selling off old G1 figures and focusing on the Masterpiece collection.  My favorite is the Masterpiece Rachet and Masterpiece Shockwave was a must! The recolor of Arcee is pretty cool too!

A tiny hail.  The Ms. Pac Man earrings were too cute to pass up!

This was my favorite find, a Nyanpire car sticker!  I always buy Nyanpire when I see it.  Too bad it was a short lived Anime. 

I came, saw and conquered.  Not bad for a small con.  What I enjoyed most was the shopping in the dealer's room and people seemed to be having a great time!