Saturday, June 24, 2017

Snowflake Obsidian set

Part of my pendant lot that I recently purchased included two snowflake obsidian pendants and they are small in size. 

I had a few large snowflake obsidian beads and added onyx beads to these earrings using sterling silver findings below.


This next pair, also using Sterling silver findings includes onyx, snowflake obsidian, hematite  and zebra beads.


I need to get more snowflake obsidian beads for bracelets. 



malachite and onyx together!

I ordered a lot of gemstone pendants and was happy to see Malachite in the mix.  The green and black swirl is a beautiful combination.   I had some malachite spacer beads and I paired them with a variety of onyx beads.   The fishhooks are sterling silver. 


Monday, June 12, 2017

Earrings and earrings. And a pretty rose Pendant

Here are a few pair I made over the weekend. The pair below is regular glass beads with onyx spacers.   

The onyx spacers work well with the different color glass beads.   I love this amber brown.

I used Sterling silver findings for the rose quartz and apatite earrings.  Since the large rose quartz beads are  a bit heavy, I used smaller chipped rose quartz and apatite stones.....


The rose pendant is stainless Steele and the necklace cord is satin. 


My sister's earrings needed repair and I just later added fish hooks to these two pairs below.  The bottom pair are heavy so they needed solid posts. 


Friday, June 9, 2017

Slytherin Crochet Bag

After I finished my gryffindor crochet bag, I wanted to make a Slytherin bag.  I chose a forest green yarn, but it's didn't match the patch as well as the lighter green yarn I had.

I made two bags.  One in the forest green and the other in the brighter green.


The end result, the patch matched the bag with the lighter green.  Both bags are nice and can work.  

Thursday, June 1, 2017

It's June, time to continue to create.....


I am trying to work on more pieces as summer starts.  Time is a challenge, but I think if I don't work on something daily, I can at least stockpile some supplies!  I need to get more Semi-precious gemstones.  I love Tiger's Eye, Moonstone and Agate especially.  The glass beads have been on sale at Michael's for a few weeks and I made some simple dangle earrings below.


I love this moonstone pendant and the satin cord worked better than the braided faux leather cord.


These earrings are sterling silver with crazy jasper (dyed pink) and hematite square spacer beads.


I feel like buying lots of sliced agate pendants.  There are so many colors and not one is alike.  The colors and patterns in these pendants change over time too! 

This pendant necklace with a ribbon cord has a Victorian and slightly steampunk feel.  All black and lace pattern. 

This last pendant necklace below is an Agate Stone.  This is my favorite out of the bunch.  I love the pattern of this particular pendant and it's really smooth!