Monday, November 25, 2013

I finally finished it. The Decepticon scarf

Red heart yarn has team color combos that have been all over Joann's and Walmart for over a year or two now.    I bought the red and white combo for the Autobot scarf I made a few months back and the purple and white combo for the Decepticon scarf shown below.


I used a medium rectangular loom and used 14 rows.   


This was the progress earlier tonight.   I tend to loom knit faster than I do crochet.


I added some tassels at the ends and didn't want to make this too long.


Because I am still learning how to do patterns, I didn't knit in the insignia.  Maybe I will try that in the future as my knitting improves.  Thus, I hot glued the patches on the bottom of the scarf.


And the end result........


Friday, November 22, 2013

Latest creations......

I have made a few necklaces and a pair of earrings this week.   The leather cord below is for future projects.  I have a few pendants that may work, but I am still brainstorming.  The peach moonstone bases below are for sterling silver earrings.


Below is a Sunstone pendant paired with white ribbon cord.  


Below is a hematite cross with braided leather necklace cord.  


And the peach moonstone earrings with sterling silver fish hooks.....


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Current projects....

I have definitely been behind on knitting and crochet.  Although I do have some projects finished, I still have a lot to do.


I attempted a beret to match the blue blend scarf I just finished and it wasn't a complete failure.  (Especially for a novice knitter). 


The next scarf was all cotton and I still have some of this yarn left over.


I was thinking of a bag to match, but I haven't decided yet.   More to come! 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Comikaze 2013, Day three

The final day of Comikaze consisted of bargain hunting and just hanging out.   My husband and I had a big breakfast at IHOP and soon met up with our friend Teri.   The first thing I checked out once again was the video game museum and I cannot believe I missed all of these classic albums laying around some of the consoles. I've got that "Never Surrender" album!


I snapped a few shots of some great cosplay that I may have missed yesterday!


The cutest ghostbusters ever! 


The highlight of my husband's day was meeting David Eckstein and he was kind enough to chat as well as pose for a picture.  


Apparently, the Ecto was moved on Saturday and luckily we got a picture with it.  I think Teri and I were so exhausted from Saturday and all of the cosplaying we didn't know where we were half the time. 
My hubby customizing a Lego Ecto at mini figure scale by the way......


Near the end of the day we went to a the following panel: All shapes and sizes welcome: Body image and women's issues in entertainment.  The ladies were great and made some valid points.  Teri also had to remind them that along with self-acceptance it's best not to compare yourself to other women! As women, many of us forget that, but the panel ended on a positive note.  Be sure to like their Facebook page. :) 


It was a fun, yet exhausting weekend.   I am looking forward to see how much this convention will continue to grow.  I really enjoy the diversity in panels and support of women in entertainment.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Comikaze 2013, Day two.


Day two.  What can I say?  It's a typical Saturday at a convention.   It wasn't too crowded when we arrived around 10 am this morning.  The lines were short and everyone got their passes quickly and efficiently.  Chevy wore her She-Hulk costume and rocked it!  She made it herself! 


We caught up with Teri as she rocked her North Costume that was made from scratch! The swords were con-safe although she prefers the real thing and is well-trained to use them. 


I just put together an Iron Man ensemble and I decided to go with the face make-up instead of a helmet.  It was a lot more comfortable and I think I'll use face paint with more costumes going forward.  

It seemed like there were more vendors that yesterday, especially in artist's alley, which is always good and hopefully they will be there tomorrow. 

The Comedian and I! This is my favorite cosplay I saw today.  Below is a Laker Iron Man.

And more awesome costumes........


 Here is our Hot Topic pic!  

More stuff from the Spooky world of Elvira.....

Ecto-1 was not there today, but Chevy got a pic with Kitt!

We needed to get a good shot of Teri's North Tattoos!  So, after lunch, I took this for Teri.

We managed to get in a standing room only Panel about Archery.  "From Hawkeye to Green Arrow to Hunger Games - Archery and Pop Culture".  They gave a shout out to Daryl, so it turned out to be an interesting panel. 

After the panel, we walked around more and felt pretty exhausted, so it was time to call it a day. Good times.