Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Back to the jewelry grind....

I finally had a free moment to unwind this week and work on some jewelry.  

I wanted to break open the soapstone beads.   These can go with just about anything.   I placed aside some white shell spacers just in case I needed them.

These beads are break for making bracelets and necklaces.  I only had enough beads for two bracelets.


These are dyed Taiwan turquiose.  

Below are black shell nuggets...

I used sterling silver findings with everything and the earrings below have jet spacers.

And the final pair: white shell beads and red tiger eye...

I am starting another blanket with a yellow center.....yay!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Day 3 of wondercon 2014

Day 3 of wondercon was just a day of walking the floor and visiting a few panels.

I ran into an old friend from jr. High, Jesse Gaeta. 


My friend Chevy rocked her Winter solidier captain America.


Artist alley was really impressive this year, such talent and craftsmanship.


And of cosplay, of course.....


We checked out the scf-fi movie smackdown which is always amusing....

Good times.


As the con came to an end, no one seems to want to go home.

Day 2 of wondercon 2014 and ended the day with Dream Theater

Well because I had to work on the first day of wondercon, day 2 was actually my first day.   I got up bright and early and headed down.  Of course it was packed.  Saturday is always the busiest days at conventions and this year Saturday was sold out.

Of course there were tons of great cosplay and vendors.


My friend Chevy dressed as Captain America.  We were proud to see other African Americans in cosplay!  We're representing! 


More cosplay.....I was very impressed with all of the female cosplayers we saw.  Many put their original flair on characters and in my opinion, that is what makes a great costume. 


Here are some shots of chevy's Captain America and my retro Falcon...


It was a good time and I left feeling pretty exhausted.  I rushed home to catch dream theater.   Incredible show! 


Pure awesomeness!  They played many great songs off the new release!