Monday, February 16, 2015

Crochet projects and yes, Michael's sell cool Betsey Johnson stuff!

I have been spending more time offline and working on some early spring cleaning for the year.   I haven't been working on jewelry, but I have been crochetting and loom knitting.  

My friend at work crocheted this hat for me and I love it! I wish the weather would cool down again so I could wear it more. I wear a lot of browns and greens, so this works! 

This is the start of a blanket I am working on and is going to have a burgundy border.

This is a finished blanket and it's a giant square.......

This is my latest loom project and it should be done this week.

And for all of my fellow Betsey Johnson fans, Michael's is selling cell phone covers, luggage tags and umbrellas! 

It all looks like her classic stuff!