Saturday, December 30, 2017

Knott’s Berry Farm/Knott’s Merry Farm

My friend Grace and I needed a bonding day.  We are both 40 plus, but act no different than we did at 19.  In other words, we are grown woman-children!  She and I are huge amusement park enthusiasts. We love to walk, shop and do things that most kids like to do! She and I would rather watch cartoons than a love story.  We have been doing the same type of things when we hang out for over 20 years.

Earlier this year,  I bought tickets to Knott's Berry Farm on Goldstar and needed to use them by the 31st.  We planned on going sooner, but we both didn't have a mutual day off until the 29th.   Because of the busy holiday season, I sprung for the Fast Lane bands and was glad I did!  We road all of the major thrill rides and there was little to no wait with the bands.  I will say this again, Worth every penny!

We road GhostRider first and they made major improvements since I last rode it in 2014.  The Mister and I went to Knott's to celebrate our anniversary in 2014 and we both had headaches after riding GhostRider.  It's a lot smoother now and I forgot how long of a ride it was in comparison to the others in the park.   Of course Grace and I were screaming the entire time.

We walked around Ghost Town and Fiesta Village and road rides with short lines and all of the coasters in the area.  Including Hat Dance, Montezuma's Revenge, La Revolucion, Jaguar, Calico Mine Ride, Pony Express  and the Carousel.  We didn't bother with Bigfoot Rapids because neither one of us wanted to get soaked.

Grace chickened out last minute when we bordered the Silver Bullet, but I stayed! That was intense! 

On the Timber Mountain Log ride!

Grace ducked and was completely covered.  Didn't stop her from getting wet! 

We rode a few things in Camp Snoopy and the Boardwalk.  Xcelerator was closed and Supreme Scream was something I passed on.  I normally ride it, but nah......Voyage to the Iron Reef was cool.  After that we watched Snoopy on Ice.  I fell asleep.  Grace was engaged and loved it. 

We were finished by 6pm.  I always forget how fun the shopping is at this place! The Peanuts building sets by Ban Bao were super cool!

Gotta show some love to Frankin, my favorite Peanuts character.

Here is my haul.  The Mister asked for something Boysenberry.  The cookies and chocolate are for him.  I wanted to try the tea, (It's delicious) and the Cotton Candy was great too!

I think I am spoiled by Disneyland, although this trip to Knott's was a lot of fun.  I don't think I would go enough, so I am not getting a season's pass.  I would rather visit once a year and get the Fast Lane band.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

New jewelry creations

This is what happens when I am at home with the stomach flu for a weekend. Had to make the best out of things. 



I would have made more earrings, but I ran out of sterling silver findings.  I guess that's an excuse to go to Michael's. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Fall 2017 - turning over new leaves

I want to start blogging more and sharing some of my thoughts and observations.   I do not have a filter, so I took a break from blogging just to keep the peace.   Screw it!  Life is too short to stay too quiet and it's my nature to live out loud.   I joined Instagram this summer and I love it.  I use it more than Facebook now. 

The mister and I still have our adventures as well as deep discussions.  As a matter of fact, hell has officially frozen over, he has a Disneyland pass now.

One of my besties and I visited the South Coast Winery in Temecula last weekend.  It's Hi-Brow so we got a few side eyes from some locals, but it didn't stop us from enjoying the scenery as we waited for two of our friends for some wine tasting.  Jenn and I are always showing up and later turnin' up.  It's what we do.

This fall, a lot of changes have been made and it has not all been voluntary.   It's all for the best and as I continue to purge my life of extra emotional debris, I am ready for just about anything.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

D23 Expo 2017

This convention began with standing in a long line waiting for the doors to open.  My friend who was dressed as Mrs. Frozone (Honey Best) joked that D23 was "Line Con"


Below is my friend Teri as Mrs. Frozone (Honey Best).

I am dressed as Iridessa, one of Tinkerbell's friends.


Below I am posed with Sweet Pea on the left and with Tinkerbell on the right!


The Mousequarade was cool!  So many beautiful costumes!


Great costumes of classic and new characters!

For Saturday we dressed up as Ursula and Ariel!  Teri built her Ursula from scratch.  I am not biased because we're friends, but this is the best Ursula I have seen!

Here we are.......This is my Ariel dress!

We ran into my friend Jeandra,  she was covering the expo for her website,

Teri and I went to a Cosplay meetup on Saturday and here are a few candids.

Sunday, Teri and I dressed up as Grandma Tala and Moana!  Teri made her's from scratch and sketched the prints on her fabric! Beautiful work by a talented seamstress.


I ran into my friends Caris and Jennifer! It was great spending some time together and collecting freebies!

For D23 2019, I may just go for one day.  It was packed and exhausting.  It was a great experience and felt like the Comic Con of Disney.