Sunday, December 15, 2013

The recap of the G.I. Joe toy show. (One week late)

It's been a busy couple of months and I plan on posting more frequently.  Now for some recent past events......  

One week late, here are some pictures from the G.I. joe toy show in Burbank, ca on December 8th.   We arrived bright and early as other vendors were setting up.   The recommended everyone arrive around 6:30 am to set up as the show opened at 9am sharp and ended at 2pm.  In the past, we have gone as attendees, but this time around, we were vendors.   Austin wanted to get some buzz going on about his Lego joe customs and just get to know some local joe fans.

Below is a pic of some of the items we were selling in addition to the customs.  


I took some pictures of here floor.   I like the 12 inch figures from the 60's (as well as reissues).  Some of the vendors had some Barbies and Star Wars collectibles for sale as well.

It seems like the real American hero era reigns supreme to many collectors.  

Austin strategically set up his models and creations.  We forgot to bring the Ecto-1, unfortunately.


I found a vendor that was selling kreon and we bought a couple that we did not have.  Yay!  


Austin was in selling mode!  Many people were excited about the customs.


It was a lot of work, but we did better than expected at the show.   We broke down everything and packed up around 2pm when the show ended and called it a day.   Looks like we will be doing it again in April.  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pendants of the day!

 The agenda early today was to make a few things and it was a pendant day.

I picked up this metal piece at Joann's this week.  


I really liked the metallic necklace cord.  I was going to use black ribbon cord, but I thought the silver metallic stood out more....


Below is a crazy Blue Agate cross.  Agate is a gemstone that is always affordable and easy to find.

The next step was to add metal findings in order for it to be used as a pendant.   This cross would be way too heavy to be used in an earring or a bracelet. 

I felt that the blue ribbon was a nice touch. 


I have a lot of Rose Quartz and Onyx beads to work with.  More to come.....