Friday, October 30, 2015

Comikaze 2015 Day 1

Day 1 started out with lines, lines and lines all over.  My friend Teri got into town early, so she hung out at my place for awhile and we ran a few errands for some last minute things.  Like water, snacks, posterboard, bank runs etc.....

The panels are ample.  Many are centered around cosplay and panels ran by women. 

Tina from Bob's Burger's!

Jamin' outside.....

Teri and I decided to be campy and take a picture of our friend, Rose in her Gilligan costume so she can be there in spirit.  Yes, Gilligan likes cats! We even stopped by the Cobra Island travel bureau looking for her! HAHAHA!  Here is Teri as Skipper!

Me, as the Professor.......

Gotta love Stormtroopers!

More great costumes.....

Steampunk Han Solo and classic Han!

Ted! Fave cosplay of the day!

Teri and I decided to check out this panel and it was great!  The girls had some great ideas and were hilarious!

Well Well Well!  Mr. Chris Eaton from the Realm Cast, Moderating a Panel on 80's cartoons!  Funny, engaging and it was standing room only!  He did an awesome job!

Another fantastic cosplaying couple!

We missed our Gilligan, people said they would keep a lookout!

Finn and Fiona with Jake and Cake! 

This was my swag today.  Got the Mister a MLB/Han Solo mashup and myself an Armored Maiden tee!

We survived Day one.  I will add more pictures later.  The floor gets bigger and bigger each year!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Finds, finds and more birthday treats and a huge Kre-o score!

My girls, Crystal and Chevy took me to dinner for more birthday shenenigans! And they brought merlot and a love betsey bag! Love! So cute! 

The Mister and I had a nice date day with ended up with shopping in Pasadena...,,,

I picked up some Pink Sugar! Yes, Chevy I have to copy you.  This stuff smells like candy! 

Anais Anais is my fave perfume of all time! It was the first perfume i wore as a teen that was considered expensive.  I like essential oils.  Peppermint is one of my favorite scents.  I add it to my house cleaner sometimes.  Dr. bronner's cleaner of course.  Nothing cleans like Dr. bronner's.  It's great for laundry, floors, random stains and dishwashing liquid.  It's mild enough for shower gel and face wash, but I think the tea tree and rose washes are the best for that. 

The mister picked out my lucky skinny jeans.  I actually liked them. 

We cranked the Winery Dogs sophomore effort all day.  So far, so good.  There seems to be a lot of Bad Company, "Straight Shooter", influence. 

I was very happy for the mister!  He found a bunch of Kre-o that didn't make it to the stores. ( Robots in Disguise) that is TJMaxx exclusive.  These were great finds, Christmas came early for the Mister.  For those who want these Kre-o exclusives, TJMaxx and Marshall's are the places! The Hound set looks super cool! We can flip the Kreons online eventually.  

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Star Wars stuff and some other cool things too!

The annual issue! I rushed back to my hood and got to the comic shop right before closing.  So glad people are reading it!  It was almost sold out!

Ok, so my friend said these shoes were at kohl's.  I am a grown ass woman going into kohl's asking where the Star Wars Shoes were.  They had one pair in my size. 

And one last t-shirt in a medium......I guess I will start going to Kohl's.  JCPenny has got some cool items too! I think they need to make sheet sets for Queen and King size beds.  Adults are buying this stuff for themselves!

I only own issues #3, #4 and #5 of the first run.  Excited to see this with all 5 issues....