Sunday, July 27, 2014

Betsey Johnson inspired earrings, necklaces and bracelets

I have been meaning to work on more Betsey Johnson jewelry pieces for a while.   For me, it's all about skulls and roses.  If I find some cute heart beads in the near future, I will start working with those as well.  There are many rose pendants for sale all over.

This pendant below is rose quartz and it was gently carved.


I liked this blue rose.   It's acrylic and lightweight.

Skulls, skulls and more skulls.  

I wanted to make a dangle pendant with roses and skulls.  The pink and black go together perfect!

I added peridot bead spacers to these earrings.  


I had some small red roses to use (of course) and I used hematite spaces for the next couple of pairs.

The next pair have small skulls with the roses.....

And medium and small skulls

All earrings have sterling silver findings and posts. 

The bracelet above is a stretch bracelet and I plan to make another using pink skulls. 

That's all for today! 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Another Toys R Us run and more Burlington Coat Factory finds.....

For all of you G1 fans, new generations are coming out.  My husband and I anxiously await a few of these in particular.   I woke up way too late and missed out on the sale at Target.    All of the generations figures are 10 bucks.   However, I did find some figures at TRU and had coupons.

Scoop is very retro!  Love the colors! 


I saw skywarp last week and went to TRU just to pick him up.  


These were interesting so I threw them in the basket too.  I can wait to get Starcream.  It looks like they had plenty.   They were running out of Skywarp.

Burlington coat factory added a few different sets from what I saw from the last visit.  The beasthunters
Set was the same, but the pieces in that set can be used for something else.  I love how the kreon figures are so versatile.   I really hope Hasbro continues with the Kre-o franchise and come out with the Jem and the holograms sets in the future. 

I also went to Michael's and Joann's for yarn.   Now back to my knitting projects.......

Saturday, July 12, 2014

More Toy runs! Savings, and more KRE-O sets!

Ross, Burlington Coat Factory and TJ Maxx are hot spots again.  Even for the Toys R Us (TRU) exclusive toys.  Also, for those people into transformers prime and Bot shots, they still are selling all of the extras at these stores.  
These cityville invasion Kre-o sets have some interesting pieces and their mini figures are more diverse than Lego in a lot of ways.  Their bricks are unique in color and are pretty versatile.  Burlington Coat Factory has these Cityville sets at very affordable prices!


Some Beasthunters sets are arriving at the stores, but the pricing can be dicey.  It's a good idea to check Toys R Us and compare what the closeout places are charging.  Sometimes it makes more sense to take advantage of the BOGO specials at TRU than to buy up a bunch of discounted sets at Ross or Burlington Coat Factory.   

The Grimlock Kre-O set is awesome!  Very G1! The Kreons are very cool! 

These little Strawberry Shortcake figures are at Ross and Raspberry Tort was a find.  

These set below included four figures, Strawberry shortcake, Lemon Meringue, Orange Blossom and Raspberry Tort with a bunch of various outfits.  Apparently this was a TRU exclusive, but I got it at Ross. :) 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Toys, toys and a princess themed birthday!

StaAlthough I have been quiet lately, I have still been busy with crafts, crochet and toy shopping.  My dad picked up a couple of Barbie accessories (on the ends of the pic) and the dresses with accessories in the middle were finds from Tuesday Morning.   Tuesday Morning is usually well organized and there are rock bottom prices on all types of toys.   If anyone is into the bot shots or contruct bots, Tuesday morning is the place to go. 

Below are a couple of strawberry shortcake figures.   Blueberry muffin and orange blossom.  I could no resist.  I haven't found an orange blossom figure.  These were found at Ross. 


The cityville invasion sets are starting to turn up at Ross and Marshall's.  These sets have some pretty unique parts. 

One of my besties Heather had a birthday party for her daughter and the theme was Frozen!  Everything about this day was Disney princess related.  Piñata and all.....



The princess head! Forgive me I have not seen Frozen yet.  But the lone piñata head was pretty cool. 


     They day wouldn't be compel eye without a cell phone shot.


Good times.   Since my little niece is into Disney, here is an excuse for even more goodies for her......