Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Years Resolution? To Drop some excess baggage!

I haven't made New Years resolutions in years.  I notice that people make them about losing weight and this year, I am no different.  I often whine and bitch about carrying an extra 10 pounds and most of the people around me think I'm nuts.  People tell me, "But you are thin!" I disagree. Not to me! I have a closet full of clothes that are not fitting right and that depresses me.  I own a full length mirror, I know when something does not fit properly.  And thin women get cellulite too!   I am getting too old to be buying clothes every season and it seems the older I get, the uglier the fashions are starting to look to me.  My house is full of things and I am in the process of just getting rid of things I do not use or need.   Plus, I like the clothes I already own.

With all of this being said, I do not judge others who do not care to lose weight, diet or exercise.  It's your life and choice.  Do what makes you happy.   I enjoy cooking and eating fattening foods! However,  I just have to hit the breaks on consuming this stuff.  I love carbs and will always eat them.  For instance, I cannot imagine a life without potatoes, white rice and all the fruit I can eat!  I need these carbs! Yet,  I just know that eating process sugar just makes me depressed within hours, even though it's good going down. Or, if I eat a processed meal, I am constipated and feel miserable.  Then, I start acting like an ass.  That doesn't rock with me.   My boyfriend recently started exercising again and watching what he eats.   We decided that we were going to have one cheat day a week where we eat fast food.  Unless it's In N' Out, we find ourselves very disappointed because we have noticed how nasty processed food can taste!  Del Taco? Wendy's on Mountain Ave? Bakers? Soda? Not so appealing anymore.  We'd rather eat salads at home now because we have been feeling better. I may try the Vegan Diet for awhile and it does work.  Since I love good food, who knows how long that will last.  Some foods just need cheese!

Thus, I have come to the realization that I am not pleased with carrying extra weight.  I know it's part food choice, part emotional and psychological etc.  But I cannot stand it!  My ass is way too fat for my clothes.  I tend to become a bit pear shaped when I gain and I think I would feel differently if I was shaped more like an apple. Time to stop eating crap!  Thus, my main resolution is to Shed 15lbs.  That's it.  If it makes me vain, so be it!  I know I feel better about myself when I am at my target weight.  I do not make a happy chubby person! I function better when I weigh less.  I have more energy, less moody, spend less money and I'm less sensitive about stuff.  In other words, I do not even notice the people around me who act like assholes and are clueless!  I am more accepting of others when I feel better about myself. (And therefore, don't act like an ass myself.)

I just started juicing again and I just need to move more.......I have energy and want to stay in a good mood.  I'll keep everyone posted. 


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I guess you could say that you and I are @ different ends of the spectrum (when it comes to weight), but I totally understand where you're coming from... and I agree 100% on cutting down processed food intake... I do most of my cooking at home and from scratch and what I cook ALWAYS tastes better and makes me feel a whole lot better... Right on!

  2. Yeah, I have had some stomach issues in the past and everything I eat affects me positively and negatively. I should be 120 but I am 140ish now.

  3. I'm really shocked you weigh 140 lbs. You look about 110. How tall are you? I know how you feel.
    I injured my leg about 18 months ago and have trouble walking. I've gained about 20-30 lbs. and am so miserable.
    If you decide to try a vegan diet, it's really important for you to take B12 supplements. For years, vegan "cheese" was really crappy; but, one brand that is good and melts is Daiya. I've read good reviews for other brands; but, I can't find them here (not even at Whole Foods.) I made you baby banana breads yesterday. Today, I made maple pecan granola. It's pretty good. I sprinkled it on vanilla yogurt. I'm sending you some with the bread. If you like yogurt, Whole Soy is really good. I prefer it to Silk. I think my comment is as long as your blog; sorry.


  4. I wish I was 110 again, but I'd be happy with 120. Im about 5'6 barefoot. Thanks for your tips. I was planning on taking some B12 anyway, I don't like soy milk and prefer almond milk.