Thursday, November 29, 2012

Blog More?? Why not.

Well it's been awhile since I have written anything.  I keep going over my head if I'm going to do a Blog a Day or not.  I doubt I'd have the time.  In between work, sleep, eating and life, it's hard to keep track of time.

Meanwhile,  I started a different job.  I am still in the library world, but with a little more creativity.  The patrons are part of this creative universe and this helps.   My love for books and film is appreciated.  I am surrounded by advocates for education and freedom of expression.  It fits.  I miss my old co-workers and the crazy kids that came to my past library job.   We still talk and see each other from time to time.

I have ended old relationships, maintained healthy ones and realize that you need blood to live, but water is important too.  It helps replenish the cells!  I am way too old for the hate, judgment and after all the drama, I am not hating or mad.   Oh well, less money I am obligated to shell out for Christmas and it's the same for them too. We all deserve to be celebrated, not tolerated.  I am not one to dislike anyone unless someone does something completely evil towards me, because it takes too much of my energy. Why people feel like the have to go around people they don't care for in their personal life is beyond me.  The only thing that I kind of regret is not following my instinct and not going around people that cannot stand me.  You know when you get the feeling that folks are just being nice?  Yeah, that's how I felt for awhile.    You can't please everyone and win them all.   They were only being nice to me to please my partner.  I feel bad for him more than anything.  I just focus on those around him who are sincere and don't have a judgement problem. (or a racial problem, hahaha) It's easy to get angry, call names, accuse someone of being a hypocrite (when we all can be at times) and act self-righteous.   This is a waste of time.  Before I got together with my partner, I avoided these type of circumstances, because I never cared.  Yet because I felt he cared at the time, I tried making an effort with the apathetic and the hateful.  It was exhausting and took it's toll and I was done by midsummer.  I needed to get back how I've always dealt with folks.  It's ok to agree to disagree.  But it's not OK to be dishonest.  Admit your truth and move on.   I call the BS as I see it and have always spoke my mind and been me.  Some people have issues with people like this.

It's the holiday season and for the first time in years, I stayed home and cooked.  The Mr., the cats and I were at peace.  I need to do this more often.  Holidays tend to being the best and worst out of people.   People from the past tend to pop up, because it's a season of retrospection.  I always hear from a couple of exes, which is provides me comedic relief depending on who it is or a long lost friend, which is normally welcomed.   Some friends come into town.  For instance Josh and I went to Venice Beach and walked around.  I only need to do this a few times a year. We passed Morrison's old apartment building.


  Interestingly enough, over the Thanksgiving break, my mother's 110 pound dog playfully pounced on me and broke the screen on my chocolate touch phone (yeah, I know I needed an upgrade, but I loved my old ass phone).  Because of that, I lost most of my contacts.  I guess that's a sign to really make a clean slate.  Also, I am behind on knitting projects, costumes and other crafty type things.  I am starting the annual fudge making process and the pumpkin fudge was an epic fail.  Ah oh well.  In the end,  I pray from a drama-free Christmas and great sales on toys and yarn.


  1. ♥ "you need blood to live, but water is important too." This part just...♥

  2. Yeap! Many of my friends are family!