Friday, April 4, 2014

Skulls, skulls mad more skulls.....

I decided to make more skull earrings since I am still on my Betsey Johnson kick!

 I have more pink and turquoise beads than the small rainbow above.   The only color that missed a mate was orange, thus is will have to pick up another one of these skull strands.

I thought this pick would turn out less blurry, but here is a pair with onyx spacers.

For the green skulls, I used tiny jade spacers, because I thought peridot would be a little too bright
and flashy.

Spacers are usually available in all colors and stone.   Tiger eye could work with cream colored or white skulls and of course skulls in brown.  I only used onyx, dyed coral, jade and shell bead spacers.

I used the red coral beads with the red skulls.

Pink and black always works.  

I plan on picking up more white skulls and making some earrings using tiger eye or crazy agate.

I continued with onyx for the last few pairs below.

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