Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Tamz's Food for thought #1

I was thinking of posting some of my rants and observations. I am always reflective and try to think of ways I can be the best person I can be.  I am a work in progress and make mistakes.  Yet, I always try to be my best and to live in my truth.  I step on toes.  I have no filter.  Some people cannot deal with it and think I'm a rude and horrible person. Some love me for my frank nature and consider me a good friend because of it.  Whatever.  I find there are people that are going to love what I have to say and others that will be offended by everything I say and do.   Oh well. As long as I can laugh and know that I always try to do the right thing, that's what matters.   

Some of the things I have realized and have come to learn:

1. Books are better than TV and movies. It just takes more concentration to read.  I love TV and movies (and the media) as much as the average person, but there is nothing like a book.   Paper form and audio books are a preference though. Audio books are great for when I am doing something else and I do not have time to sit and read for that day.   

 2. Life and relationships get too complicated when you are not honest and/or are afraid to tell the truth. Not to mention exhausting.  This includes concealing the truth in order to protect someone.  The truth will always slap you in the face and back into reality.  This will include you and the person you think you are protecting. Truth is fact and it is liberating. Sometimes the truth hurts and that is okay.  You can get over being hurt and time eases the pain.  Also, it is okay to feel angry for being lied to.  Someone violated your trust and once that's gone, that's it.  For instance, if you are not being honest with someone because you are afraid of losing them, then maybe they shouldn't be in your life if you have to lie and pretend.   Things will fester and get worse the longer you wait. 

 3. If your passion and hobby makes you act and think like an asshole, find a new one that makes you more kind.  For example, I have noticed this in the geek world.  People get competitive when they cosplay, customize toys, crochet, sew, podcast and even socialize.  People will be jealous of some one's new friendship in group or fandom and start spreading lies. Someone will make fun of some one's artwork, craft project or costume.  Everyone has a different skill level folks. Some are beginners, some are experts and most of us fall in between.  People hang with groups of friends and they put other people down who don't agree with them.  Someone will exclude someone new or someone who is different.  It's okay to have different opinions and to disagree.  It's okay not to like someone, but it doesn't mean you have to be disrespectful or mean-spirited.  Just leave that person alone. Better yet, if you want to understand what a person was trying to convey, just ask. If anything you are involved with causes you to be nasty, jealous, a critical bitch or a gossip, do the world the favor and find something different to do. Isn't a hobby suppose to be fun and bring joy?   Kindness is free, cruelty always has a price.  It takes too much energy to be a hateful bitch!  Not to mention, what goes around, does come around.

4. Don't believe everything you hear.  There is a lot of bogus stuff out there and hearsay isn't fact. Opinions and judgments are not always true. If something doesn't feel right, chances are, it's not. Your intuition is there for a reason. Now, if your gut tells you to manipulate and plot, then that's not intuition, you are just being selfish.  If you want to know the truth, get to the bottom of it.  Research, ask and communicate. I will say this again, communicate.  Never assume.  Most people are being deceived by a so-called friend or loved one. The truth always comes out when you can handle it. (See #2)

I am sure, I will have more food for thought, because  I encounter these ideas with friends constantly.  It's never a dull subject for many of us......


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