Friday, December 25, 2015

Knit projects. Gawd, I am behind on jewelry!

I It's the end of the year and I am out of time for various previous planned projects.  I have finished some things, but I find I am still lagging.  Oh well.   If I still believed in New Years resolutions, I would craft more.   But I am not going to promise that.  Not only I am behind on costumes, jewelry and crochet, I have traveled this month and I have friend coming to town.

I found a betsey purse that matched a knit hat and scarf.  This is pretty exciting for me.

The hat and scarf, another gift........

This blanket was for a bff's mom!  I was happy with the result and I think she liked it. 


And a hat..:

Betsey hat that matches purse up close....

This hat was amazing,  inspiration from someone in my crochet meet up group.....

My father took his kids and significant others on vacation to Hawaii.  The big island.  Good times and vibes.  I was very much at home. 

The most beautiful shell on th black sand beach.  Someone was still living in there, so he it didn't come home with me. 

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