Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day 2016

II cheated.  I gave my hubby his Valentine's bug present early.  Well,  at least a few days early.  It was sort of an us gift, because I got him (us) Masterpiece Wheeljack.  Beautiful! 

Best Autobot ever!  

So, yes, I did make it through see's candy and purchase a tuxedo heart full time of dark chocolate buttercreams.  The box is half gone already......

Now to my gifts.  The Lego Simpson's House floored me.  I cannot wait to build this.  This is my😄😌(us) gift.

And the lovely amethyst heart necklace! 

My dad sent me a gift card......

So I decided To get a Betsey Johnson bikini! 

Burlington Coat factory already is selling swimsuits! I got a great deal and they have a lot of cute betsey one piece suits too! 

Since the Mister gave me the gifts early as well, he surprised me with some beautiful roses too!

I included some cute Star Wars pillows......I ordered the pillow covers online and had to go to Joann's for the actual stuffing.  It's all good.  They are cute anyway. 

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