Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Jewelry projects in May.

So, I have started more DIY projects and have gotten back to making more earrings.  

This pair above, has sterling silver findings, howlite and dyed red coral beads.   

The necklace below is a silver plated aventurine pendant.

This pair of earrings, not only had sterling silver findings, but dyed red coral beads and round wood beads.

Below is a pair of earrings that had carnelian beads with a periodot spacer and authentic amber bead at the top.

The pair below are clear beads with soapstone.

Next, we have some wooden beads with a Lapis Lazuli chipped bead and brown agate. 

Below is a jet spacer with dyed green crazy Jasper. 

I had more dyed crazy jasper....

I have many of these colored rose beads and I paired these yellow roses with peridot chipped beads. 

This is not authentic turquoise, but dyed blue Agate.  The only authentic gemstone on the pair below are the yellow citrine chipped beads and the middle bead is a plastic bead. 

Below are a pair with the Tiger eye gemstones in the middle. 

Next, we have a onyx and jasper spacer with an amber colored bead. 

There will be more to come......

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