Monday, January 30, 2017

Betsey Johnson Bags I am saying goodbye to

I have been collecting Betsey Johnson purses for a few years.  Not only do I collect Betsey Johnson bags, I use them!  These purses will be purged from the collection for many years of wear and tear. They are still in great condition, but I have others that I have been using more often. 

This was the first Betsey Johnson, actually Betseyville that I bought.  I bought this on clearance at 
JC Penny when they still carried a Betseyville handbag line.  With my coupon, I paid 16.00.

This next one I found marked down at Ross.  It was 20.00.

This bag was another Ross find for 29.99.  It normally went for 39.99 at Ross, but I waited and it still was there ready for me to purchase. 

This is another Ross find for 29.99 and I found this one at a Ross in San Diego.  I never saw a Betsey Bag that looked like this one.

Time to say goodbye and pass on..........At least there is room for the new.

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