Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE staying in.......Toys Toys Toys!

Post Holiday shopping was a bit of a bust, but we were able to find a few close out Kre-O sets and I found some clearance Barbie accessories at Target.  I don't know if they are making more Target Barbie exclusives, but they came up with some beautiful dolls in 2010-2012.  The Stardoll line is interesting.  I like the clothes and K-Mart has great deals on those. 

We plan on building a Kre-o store in 2013.  I found more than 6 Optimus Prime Kre-O sets with Kreons included at different Marshall's and TJ Maxx Stores around town.  We found one Bumblebee set at a Ross store.  There are a ton of cool pieces and Austin will be working on some Lego TFs using some Kreo-O pieces in the next year.  With the new sets coming out, I think we're going to come up with something neat.

Thanks to our friends Tony and Rose, we are proud owners of the Energon Wheeljack!  Thanks again you two!  

Because of the purple, I think I am going to ask Austin to make a Lego version of him for me as well!  

We are both excited about the Fall of Cybertron Generations Line!  The Soundwave Toy with the discs are awesome!  It looks like they are selling fast too!  There are tons of the small packs of the Ravage & Rumble and Frenzy & Ratbat.   It seems like those were put out first.  I went to the same Toys R Us that we found Wheelie at to get Soundwave and Soundblaster.  

It's been quite a Christmas!  There was only one Swindle at Walmart, so we grabbed it as we were buying the storage bins for the Legos. I found Soundwave and Soundblaster today at Toys R Us!  Soundblaster comes with Buzzsaw!  Frenzy, Ratbat, Ravage and Runble have to be bought separate.  It's neat how they are CD or discs as oppose to the cassettes a lot of us grew up with!    I was talking to my friend Christina and had to get of the phone for a few minutes!  I didn't think we'd find em', but alas, there they were!  

This NYE we are staying in.  We planned on going out, but we changed our minds.  We have work coming up and need to recharge our batteries.  Plus, we need to organize our Lego and Brick collection.  

Walmart has these cool storage bins with 6 drawers.  This works for the bricks that we have to work with!  Luckily, these fit in the corner of the office!

Happy New Year Everyone!