Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Earrings of the Day! 1/1/13

Alright, again, I am making an effort to blog and craft more this year so here goes........

Tonight, Austin and I are in out little craft cubby hole and I am working on earrings. ( I think Austin is updating his Lego Ecto-1.)

I could not wait to start working with the Peridot and tiny Black Jasper Beads.  I own a ton of green pieces in my closet and I need more green earrings to match my outfits.

Since, I am out of jewelry glue, I started with Sterling Silver Hooks and Headpins.  

Making a solid green pair was an easy task, but making a pair using the Jasper Beads and a larger Onyx Bead that was left over from a past project proved a little challenging.  

As a result,  I ended up making two extra pairs for earrings using the Onyx, smaller Black Jasper beads and some of the faceted Peridot beads.

I had to use a longer silver head for one of the pairs of the earrings that included an extra Jasper bead.   Making extra pairs of earrings never hurt......


  1. Thank you! I am on the hunt for more Peridot and Citrine beads. You can do a lot with yellows and greens!