Monday, January 13, 2014

Finished scarf and more reflections.....

Well, after a few weeks, I finally finished this scarf and it's a wool blend.

I have a fascination with orange and I love this color combo!  I used a 10mm hook and it was an easy job to finish.  

I received some pictures from my friend Mickey and these 3 shots from the holidays warmed my heart.  


I knitted scarves for she and her aunt.  Mickey is also wearing the red rhinestone cross necklace I made her!  This really makes me feel loved.  Not to mention, my sweet cousin shaylene tagged me in her scarf photo on Facebook.   I really appreciate the love and appreciation.  I don't do things for acknowledgement or to get anything in return, but it's always nice to get a thank you or when someone shows appreciation.  Lord knows I have felt slighted and have been hurt by people in these past five years.  People don't realize that they get back what they put out and I guess they cannot stop being selfish assholes. Ha ha! I learned that lesson as a young child and straightened up quick.   I have learned a lot and have learned to stop casting pearls before swine.   And I still continue to learn at this school called life.  

Which leads me to this.  I am doing my best to get better with keeping in touch and phone calls with friends.   Our friends are our selected family.   I appreciate all of you who have met me halfway, because in return I will meet you halfway.   

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