Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 is here.

Another year and more hope for putting good or better habits to practice.  Yeah, we'll see.  I have given up on planning to work out everyday.   If I do it, great, if not, I don't beat myself up over it anymore.   I know I should exercise more, so I do more housework in place of it.   Housework can be a bit of a workout by itself.   Especially if yard work is included.  Lately, I have been obsessed with cleaning and donating to Goodwill.   Recently, my husband and I got rid of two bookcases and two love seats.  The space in the living room is worth it!  I want to get some crates for our vinyl record collection, because I'll play them more if they are more accessible.

However, I do have some resolutions in mind and I want to keep it light and fun.   I know I want to make more jewelry and knit more, that goes without saying.   But I need to add more structure to my life, so here is my list.

1. Do some knitting or crocheting every day.  Even if it's just for a few minutes.
2. Drink more water.  (And not sparkling water either.)
3. Take better care of my nails and start getting manicures.  (Don't be surprised if I get acrylics going)
4. Go roller skating at least once a week at the rink.  I was doing that for awhile,  I need to start doing that again.
5. Write affirmations in a journal each day! 
6.  Listen to different artists more.  I love my prog rock and guitarists and should discover more artists that make this great music.
7. Keep the Betsy Johnson handbag obsession going and buy them when they are a great price.  I have already found a few and the hunt hasn't stopped.  
8. Cut down on coffee.

I am not going to promise I will stick to any of these, but I will try.   Now back to cleaning house and finding more things to get rid of.  

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