Friday, March 21, 2014

My History of Prowl Costumes and/or Outfits, whatever you want to call them

Aside from Wheeljack, Prowl has to be another favorite autobot of mine.  I think my human Prowl costumes and prowl related clothing is one of my better creations.  I am not an expert cosplayer, nor do I care to be. I just like to have fun by to playing dress up at conventions, because you often get a chance to meet new people who like the same thing.   Cosplaying as different Autobots is always fun at a convention like Bot Con because you are surrounded by nothing by Transformers fans who are obsessed with the movies, Transformers Prime or the original G1 toys.

Many cosplayers go all out and actually build robot suits.  Some of us wear the colors of our favorite character or design an outfit that pays tribute to the character we love.  I am all for designing an outfit based on a robot.  Thus, being a Human Former for a few days and maybe carry around a few identifying accessories.   Some cosplay purists (aka snots who take this stuff way too seriously)  think this is lame and that it doesn't count.  I beg to differ.  Although they look extremely awesome,  wearing boxy costumes get uncomfortable and you need a spotter so you don't run into anything.  I will leave that to the cosplay experts, I'm just there to have a good time and escape for a bit.  My skills are clumsy and crooked at times, but it doesn't stop me from putting it on.   (We all do these crooked sometimes right? Unless you are a seasoned artist.)

I took a few photos of my progress as I was putting this together in 2012.

I used a yard stick and sketched the doors myself.  The blue badge with the yellow star was made out of foam and I made one for each door.

The headpiece or chevron was also made out of foam.  It wasn't exact, but people got the basic idea.

These badges below were for the actual shirt and they were made out of felt.  I sewed these on, but later ended up using hot glue for the touch ups.

Michael's is the best place for acrylic paint and the weekly coupons are a help too!

A headband was attached to the chevron.

The doors were connected by duck tape and velcro straps.  I cannot locate the pictures for this step, so you will have to forgive me for that.  The letters were stickers from Michael's.

This was the outfit I wore for Bot Con 2012.  There is a better view of it on the Bot Con 2012 costume panel video below. 

Bot Con Costume Panel 2012

My friend Rosemary Tuski liked my Prowl costume and asked me to talk a little about it on her costume panel.   Some liked the panel, some didn't, but our point was that Cosplay is for fun and is for everyone.  The more you do it, the better you can become.  There are those with great skill and talent as well as some that are just starting out. We all have to start somewhere.   I want to encourage everyone to try it if they want to.  I know too many people that want to do it, but  think their costume wouldn't be any good.  You can buy one or better yet, ask a friend to help you if they have any unique skill.  Cosplay isn't a competition or a beauty contest. (Unless you want to enter a costume contest where there are a lot of set rules. And even then, it's not that serious.)   As long as it makes you feel good and you are having fun, that's all that matters.  You don't have to do it perfectly and you can put your own spin on an idea.  In addition, don't worry about what others may say or won't say.  (i.e. Internet Trolls, Snotty Cosplayers, other fans or Negative people.) Don't be intimidated by the experts or by those who have been doing it for a long time.  Don't worry about your gender, race, size, weight, age or lack of artistic ability.  We all have hidden creativity and artistic ability that often gets lost due to the ridicule and criticism of others.  Also, the average person does not look like a supermodel or body builder.  You do not have to look perfect or be beautiful to wear a costume and have a good time.  If someone is going to say something cruel and/or sarcastic, they are just being a jerk.  Anyone who is secure and happy with who they are will not put anyone else down.

This month, I have been working on a prowl mini dress and shirt for a friend.  I would love to see someone do a Kimono that paid homage to Prowl.  A longtime Transformer fan made a beautiful Kimono dedicated to Skybite even and it was gorgeous!


My friend wanted a brighter blue for one of her set of badges. 


These are the outfits in black and white with the fishnet backing.  They needed to be hand washed and one of the shirts had some slight discoloring because it was bought on clearance. 

This is the result, now I just have to iron them. :)


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