Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend of 5/10

I have been working two Saturdays in a row every month and off the other two in a row.  A friend of mine, Amber was modeling at Kawaiiland at Los Globos in Silverlake and it happened to be on a Saturday I worked.   I decided to go anyway and show support (and look at all of the cool art and cute trinkets.).  My friend Luc showed up and we hung out a bit.   I met up with Amber to say hi, right before this band went on called "Nylon pink".  


The upstairs area had many vendors, a bar and live music. 


Nylon pink has a new fan in me!  They rocked! They are an all female Asian rock band!  


They had many artists downstairs where they held the fashion show and one of a kind creations.


The fashion show started at 9pm and the attire was really ultra cute. 

Below is the gorgeous Amber!  She looked fantastic and I was so proud of her!

Some of these outfits were hot! 

These ladies looked great!  It was a blast!  


I hope they have more Kawaiiland events, I didn't really get a chance to shop because I arrived around 8pm, but hopefully I will next time.

As for my own projects and crafts, I actually finished my Easter cotton scarf (as my husband called it).  I usuall have more than one project going and this was one I was carrying around in my purse. 


I added the color coordinated butterflies at the bottom.  


My mom was interested and had an outfit to match it, so it's hers now.


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! Totally adorable! It was such a pleasure meeting you, FINALLY! ♡

    That scarf totally fits in Kawaii Land!

  2. yes! Very nice to finally meet you! Come to think of it, the scarf is Kawaiiland!