Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pendants of the day 5/7/14

I had to buy this pendant.  It came with a ragged chain, so I decided to put it on a satin cord.  Neat for an old school Trekkie.  I thought about watching the original series from beginning to end.  Then moving on to the original films. My mom would love that type of marathon.   I grew up watching Star Trek reruns.


That was easy.  This can work on a choker too.   I may get another one and make a braided choker.  


I've been collecting various beads and pendants for a few months.   The crosses are something I usually pick up, but chains of larger beads allow me to explore more.  The black beads are onyx and the larger pink beads with black and gray undertones is rhodonite.  


Rhodonite is believed to relieve anxiety and clear mental blocks.  It's great for the heart and respiratory system as well.  


This necklace didn't take as long as expected.  I used 2 different tools, but I made it work.  

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