Monday, September 29, 2014

Retro con 2014 day 2

Day two was a shop and browse day for me.   The raffle prizes were great, so much so that people were buying 20 dollars worth of extra raffle tickets. 

There was more great cosplay and the energy as well as attitude people had was wonderful!  I wish I saw more of this is in so cal.  

Me as Uhura......with Kilngons.  Rose insisted.  

Teri went as Skipper, Rose was disappointed that she didn't wear her Gilligan.  I have a professor in the works, but I need my coconut radio. 

Austin got a nice birthday surprise. Thanks Tony! 

As he represents Geewunner.

Rose and Maggie (Naggie). 

It's all about the doctor for Rose right now......

Teri and I spotted an Ursula doll for a great price and she is in the process of purchasing this in this pic. 

Connie and Krystal did great cosplay on a budget panel! 

As the day ended and we were breaking down, you can tell people didn't want to leave.  I think vendors wanted to make some final sales.. .....

A fun weekend.  This con is a dream for the retro toy collector!