Saturday, October 11, 2014

New wave of Generations are hitting the stores and yes, I bought a girl version of a costume that will offend some nerds. Oh, and crochet too!

Oh generations transformers.  I have heard through the grapevine that Jetfire is at Toys R Us and even K-mart.  I tried TRU first and it was a bust.  Just left over Scoop figures, Mini-Con assault team and Whirl.  Maybe there was one Starscream Armada and one Rhinox. However, I found one Roadbuster at K-mart and the Mister found Jhiaxus!  (Although he passed on a Jetfire at TRU).  

Roadbuster is awesome! 


And now we await the arrival of Arcee........  I could order her from Big Bad Toy Store but it's more fun to actually hunt for the new figures.  

Ok all of you snarky nerds,  don't hate, but I ordered sexy cobra girl!  I couldn't help it.   I am going to modify this costume and make some extra accessories.   I love the pants!  After all of the nasty comments some of the snarky nerds make about the sexy ghostbusters costumes,  I get a kick out of some of the costumes that are coming out.  :) 

In addition, I have been working on various crochet projects.......

I still am reading my friends novel and the Joe Perry bio just arrived in the mail.  Gotta catch up on that too! 

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