Sunday, October 12, 2014

Greatest find of the month! Generations Jetfire and Sunstorm!

Today was the day.   Today was the day the mister and I have had a mutual day off since our vacation to Philadelphia.  After I cooked breakfast,  I had the idea to give Toys R Us just one more chance to see if they had a Generations Jetfire on the shelf and not only did they have one, they had two. This figure is gorgeous!  We couldn't wait to one this one!

In addition to top it off, we found a Sunstorm and paid only 64.00 dollars, because we used a 20% off coupon! Regular price, it was a around 80.00 dollars.  This is why it pays to clip coupons.   We are going to wait to one this one.   We have a hunch that this was maybe returned due to someone's remorse buy because there was only one. 

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