Monday, March 16, 2015

Betsey Johnson inspired earrings and yes, she has workout gear

Ok, normally, I am not one to buy workout clothes, I tend to just purchase sneakers and exercise.  For workout clothes, it's usually an old T-shirt and some beat up Lounge pants or sweats.  Sometimes shorts.  However, while out and about this week,   I discovered that Betsey Johnson has workout clothes! (Betsey Johnson performance). The roses and animal print is something I couldn't resist.  The black pants have a couple of rows or cute ruffles.  


There are a lot of purses, accessories, and weekender bags arriving at all of the close out stores and they cost more than usual.   I picked this one up recently.

Eventually, some will be marked down, so I may wait things out.  Michael's has a lot of Betsey Johnson accessories on sale such as luggage tags, reusable bags and umbrellas and journals. 

As for beads for jewelry, I got inspired when I saw all of these roses....,,

Here is what I came up with for this weekend.   I need to get back to making more things.


The necklace above has a rainbow agate pendant.  Which is considered a power stone good for love, health and good fortune! 

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