Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wondercon 2015 Easter Sunday

Today was a great day!  I heard that wondercon was amazing this year and I had to miss fri and sat due to work.   I made it Easter Sunday though and a couple of girlfriends and I wanted to do Adventure Time  cosplay.  I love the character Lady Ranicorn and wanted to make a costume.  It was ambitious without being completely unattainable so I decided to crochet a dress. ( leaving out the color orange of course.) 

This was the first attempt, but I didn't like the green and the dress ended up being too big so I made a top, legwarmers, arm warmers and a tutu instead.  

This was more like it...... Plus my friend Katie was going to be LSP, (lumpy space princess) and she looked gorgeous!  She was the star of Sunday! 

For some reason my bra stap kept sliding off at first.  The adjustment was made later in the day, I promise.....  this is me and my girl Chevy.   She is Lord Monochromicon. 

Me, as Lady Ranicorn.....

Here we are.  Katie really was LSP.  She designed the dress herself.   Chevy made her costume from material she had in her stash.  The horn really rocked! 

Gotta get a shot with a stormtrooper! 

We found Princess Bubblegum and BMO! 

The hottest stormtrooper ever! 

My favorite cosplay of the day.  Because I am biased!  Jem and pizzazz !

Some other great cosplay....

The suicide girls were so sweet this year! 

I love Ewoks! 

I need a dress like this one....

All in all, it was a good day! I wish I could have done more, but I only went one day this year! 

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