Sunday, November 1, 2015

Comikaze 2015 day 2

So my friend Teri and I started our day with the over 30 cosplay Panel.  Great group of people!

Great Carol cosplay!  I love the Walking Dead!

Teri was a rockstar! Looking spectacular in her Ursula costume!

Ursula and Steampunk Vanessa......I wanted to put my own spin on Vanessa......We plan on doing this at Sac Anime this year! This wig was driving me crazy though!

We also wanted to take Baku around for the fun too!

Star Wars action!

I ran into these two lovelies!  Lauren and Sandy!  Sandy runs Under the Stairs entertainment.  Check out the short "Zone 2".

More costumes.....

Vanessa and Ursula again.....

Wig off and water break!

We had a busy busy day!  Everyone loves Ursula! 

Hocus Pocus action!


Gotta show some respect to Divine!

All in all, Day 2 was supercrowded and it was hard to hit both dealer's rooms.  Lots of great costumes and high energy!

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