Sunday, November 1, 2015

Comikaze 2015 day 3

I was up earlier than normal due to the time change,   This morning, the group above had a great panel at 10am, Who can be a geek? inclusion in fandom and the geek scene.  This subject as an endless conversation.  It's amazing how many nerds will throw shade and flip out over this subject.  I guess nerd cred is a very real thing. 

My friend Teri and I wanted to check out Artist alley, because it was almost impossible on Day 2.

We were exhausted by 1pm, so we sat down for this panel "Cosplay for all sizes".  This mom and daughter team were fun, sweet and had some interesting ideas,  Mom was a seamstress, daughter liked to try anything new!

Last year, I didn't buy a comic!  This year, I did.  He asked about the rest of my turtle crew.....Check out his comics!

And of course, some great cosplay!

Teri as Baymax!  Again, She is a rockstar!

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