Sunday, July 17, 2016

Temecula Sunday......7.10.16

So early July, I went wine tasting with my Step-mom and her close friend.  We were able to visit three wineries. There would have been more if most if the wineries didn't close shop at 5 pm. 

The first stop was Mount Palomar Winery. Mount Palomar has expanded a lot since my last visit eleven years ago. 

The have perfected their reds.  Shorty's Bistro Red was my favorite. 

Our second stop was the Maurice Car'rie winery.

We decided on the Pomegranate Champagne to go with our Sourdough and Brie.

The third and final stop was the Wilson Creek winery.  This place was the busiest, 

It was a warm and relaxing day.  

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