Sunday, August 14, 2016

Temecula Wineries 8.14.16

So my cousin and I decided to check out a few new and old places in Temecula wine country. The first stop was the Thornton winery and they had the best chocolate wine I had every tasted.

The second stop was the Bella vista winery.  We had the most fabulous time talking to the ladies pouring the tastings.  The had an incredible champagne and a lovely white Cabernet.

The third and final stop was one of my favorite wineries, Palomar Mountain winery. This time, I joined the wine club and my cousin treated me to a meat and cheese platter.  They offer two complementary wine tastings a month, so I will be back! 


  1. You are quite the oenophile !!! Maybe someday I will get some pals together and do a winery visit. Did you know that The Smothers' Brothers did NOT make most of their money in Comedy but made it ins vineyards and a winery? Fact !!!