Thursday, May 18, 2017

Jewelry creations in 15 mins


  I needed a creative break at work.  I am working on some samples and demos for my upcoming Jewelry Workshop at work.  I don't have time to work with the smaller beads that would and should require a needle and thread, so I will settle for earrings. 

I stopped by Joann's this morning on the way to work to pick up some summer decorations (and a lot of stuff is 70% off right now) and discovered that they are also having sales that are 40% - 50% off jewelry findings and gemstones.


Jewelry Basics does not put the type of stones they package on the label, so people have to figure out what the stone is on their own.   If I am not mistaken, and I apologize if I am, from left to right for the gemstone pendants there is Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite and Tiger Eye. The smaller charms are just reflective cute beads that I made earrings with below. 

This is what I did with the Lapis Lazuli pendant point!  This is a gorgeous stone that goes with almost anything. 

Most of the stuff I make is easy to make and anyone can do it.  

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