Tuesday, May 16, 2017

There is more!!!! Gryffindor inspired accessories

This is one of the few attempts at a drawstring handbag using Red Heart's Team colored yarn and I chose USC colors.  However, in my world and with many other fellow Harry Potter fans, Gryffindor colors, Red and Gold.  I bought a few Gryffindor crest patches to help me out with choosing the right shades of yarn.  The self-striping colored Red Heart yarn worked and they also had separate Gold as well as Garnet skeins of yarn. 

I didn't want to follow a pattern because I wanted to see where this experiment would take me and below is the result.  

I didn't make the strap too long and I used two skeins of the self-striping yarn. I plan on making another bag and I will use the different colored skeins to make the stripes more uniform and even. The patches were hot glued on to the bag on one side.  

Below are earrings in Citrine and Garnet with sterling silver findings.  It's still in the Gryffindor spirit!

This pair is with gold and burgundy glass beads.

The bracelets were strung with Gold and Red dyed Agate nuggets. 

I made another crochet bad using red heart yarn!


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