Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Masterpiece Find and the last piece to the Wreckers combiner, Topspin!

We found the last figure we needed for the Autobot Wreckers combiner, Topspin!  This has been a really good week for adult Transformer collectors!  Toys R Us is doing us right and again, the price of 12.99 in southern California is nice compared to the 15.99 we have been paying for the past year!

We have all five now, now we can open them all and start playing.  And bigger news, we found a Masterpiece figure and exclusive at Toy R Us, Masterpiece Acid Storm! 

We are still admiring the box and will probably open this weekend!  Our search continues for more great toy finds.  Everyone needs to check out Toys R Us and check the paper for any coupons they may have.  New figures and characters are coming in! 

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