Saturday, July 27, 2013

Looks like "Tuesday Morning" is the place for closeout KREO sets this week!

After my annual eye exam, I visited the Tuesday Morning next door to see if I could find some hidden treasures.  Mainly, KRE-O sets, anything Barbie related and/or Transformer Generations related items.  There are plenty of Transformers Prime figures and Bot Shots for those searching for those, but my main focus has been picking up discounted KRE-O sets for Austin's custom GI Joe, KRE-O/Lego sets.   We always can use parts and what better way to find unique pieces is picking up discounted sets at all of the close out and discount stores.

I got a bit carried away when I saw all of the sets they had on the shelves, but decided it would be better to put the Battleship sets back and grab all of the sets that were Transformers based.  Not to mention, grabbing all of the sets with valuable Kreons!  

Yes, like a dork, I had to take a picture (notice the unprofessional shadow of an amateur) , but I needed to let the Mr. know that I had a huge haul coming home this afternoon. 

The result of the first toy run was five Stealth Bumblebees, five Megatron sets, one Megatron and Prime set, one devastator set and two smaller sets which include Decepticon Ambush and Cycle Chase.  

There are cool bricks found in the Devastator set, it would have been nice to find more than one. 

 Here of course, Austin is accessing his plan on quickly parting all of these bricks for future creations...  Hard at work!

Austin and I were discussing how Tuesday Morning has all of these great deals on toys, household goods and craft supplies, (even some books), so we decided to hit the one closest to us in Pasadena.   We scored there too.......We found three more Prime and Megatron sets and one more Bumblebee.  There was a Sentinel Prime set hanging around as well! 

Two more small sets of the Cycle Chase and Decepticon Ambush!  YAY!

Now it may seem silly that we get excited over these plastic bricks and other plastic robots.  But mind you, we are not into illegal substances and we are just taking these home to play with!  Also, for Austin to use these pieces to make other things!  That's it!   It's a great feeling when you find something you like discounted and at an odd place.   Tuesday Morning gets great items! Everyone please shop there so they stay in business!

In closing, for all of you G.I. Joe fans....Check out the COBRA FANG that Austin designed..........

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