Thursday, July 25, 2013

Transformer Generations finds of the week!

Austin and I have gotten lucky this week!  We found 4 of the Autobot Wreckers! The only one left we need to get is Top Spin!  At Toys R Us, we found Whirl, Roadbuster, Impactor and Twintist!

All are dropping at Toy R Us locations.  Springer, Blitzwing and Sandstorm are showing up at Targets.  I found Sandstorm today!  YAY!  An awesome triple changer!

The good news?  These Deluxe Generations figures have dropped down in price.  The figures on the cards have gone from 15.99 to 12.99 again.   I guess parents weren't buying them for their kids at 16.00 bucks! The boxed transformers are still around 22.00 dollars at places like Target and Walmart.  They are between 24.00 and 27.00 dollars at other retailers!  Thus, the two toy runs made this week have been pretty rewarding. 

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