Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Checking in.....

Well it's been one of those months already!  August always seems like one of the busiest months of the year for me.  I have birthdays to remember all month which means that not only I'm a busier than usual, I am spending more money and shopping more.  My brother and fiance share the same birthday and they couldn't be so different.  Luckily, they are both easy to shop for.  My youngest brother and a slew of girlfriends are born after the 23rd of of August.  Family has been in town and I have gotten a chance to see their beautiful faces.  I wish they were local and I got a chance to see them more.

I am missing my craft time and knitting.  I will soon return to that in early September. I really want to work on some Bot Con 2014 costumes.  I think I need to go as a female Megatron.  I can totally relate to him lately.  I have picked up a few items to spice up my Jem and Shana costume. I found the perfect purple Shana dress!  It's too bad I cannot go to Jem Con this year. I just need to find a wig large enough to accommodate my huge head full of afro tresses for Shana's hair.   (Yes, summer brings wild hair growth in my world.  Not to mention brittle strands.)  My natural hair journey has been an adjustment. (But that's another blog).

I am behind on my letter writing again.  My cats miss me when I am gone too long and are starting to act out by doing cat aerobics at night. I know that sounds pathetic, but it's true!  I need to work out more.  I need to juice everyday and drink more water.  We need to catch up on our Ray Donovan episodes.  ( I have made time for Devious Maids though.  Susan Lucci is my girl! ).  I stopped taping Hollywood exes.  Those women are getting on my nerves for the exception of Andrea Kelly and Mayte Garcia.

Our house is a disaster.  I only have time to do laundry and clean the bathroom and Austin only has time to do the dishes. So much that I have gotten really grouchy and the Mr. decided it would be a good idea to designate one work night a week to clean house!  Hallelujah!  If he is willing to help more with that and it means doing more than his regular chore like dishes and dusting, then great! I am not going to complain or argue about that.

Our Lego/Kreo custom business is keeping us busy too!  The staff at Toys R Us in our neighborhood is probably tired of looking at us and are trying to figure out why two grown 40ish adults are fighting with the kids over Kreo and Lego sets.

Tomorrow is only the 15th........The month is not over yet......

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