Monday, August 19, 2013

More Toy Runs. Lego vs. KREO. We think they are one in the same

Well this weekend was full of Toy Scores.  Kreo and Lego had many markdowns at Walmart and all of the close out stores!  Thanks to my mother-in-law, we scored an updated Millennium Falcon
and a Friends Set!  We got a good deal on it because she picked it up on clearance for us....

I am collecting extra friends set for all of the purple bricks.  

They are Lego sets with bricks and Mini Figs that we have in our collection, but it's all good. Are going to complain?  Heck no.  Of course we found extra Kreo Sets and GI Joe kreons and Battleship sets.  They are interchangeable with Lego so what is the big difference?

Yes, Walmart has marked down Lord of the Rings sets people!  And they are awesome! 

Austin and I visited every Toys R Us we could to find Wave 1 and Wave 2 of the Joe Kreons.  We found em at the Burbank Toys R Us.  Wave 1, that is......Austin found the second round earlier in the week.  There Kreons are going like hotcakes.  

Here is my complaint!  Scarlet here is ultra cool, but something is missing. 

Her Ponytail.  Now, why does Hasbro have to give this poor woman Kreon man hair?  She has long hair and they gave her a butch hair cut!  The picture is fuzzy, because I refuse to get a smart phone, but I am also mad that they couldn't get it right.  We are just going to get some Lego Red ponytail girl hair and switch it.  

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