Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pink skulls and current reads.....

I picked up these cute pink skulls from Michael's this week, because they reminded me of all of these awesome betsey Johnson bags out there!  I decided to go with some onyx spacers and beads.


Silver wouldn't do.....the dark metal pins just looked better!

This is one of my many library checkouts this week.  I find that you tube videos are much more helpful because there are various examples of ways to hold the hook and how to do basic stitches.  Unlike many of the books out there, this book isn't too complicated....


Although I am in charge of the fiction section at the library, I read mostly non-fiction.   I just finished Adam Carolla's first book and now I am on to the next.   Did I mention that next to Marc Maron, he has one of the best podcasts ever?  

And my obsession with true crime....this gal is friggin nuts! 

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