Friday, February 14, 2014

Three pairs for today and for my aunt's bday

I am really behind on my jewelry making.   I have been knitting a lot at work with ongoing workshops and so far, so good.  People are really enjoying learning how to loom knit and I am working on a spring scarf for one of my baby brothers currently and it's 100% cotton.   I must say, I have fallen in love with cotton yarn and anything by sugar and cream.   Anything that you can put in the washing machine is a great friend to your wardrobe.  Plus practice makes perfect.  We are learning from each other and I hope to finish this for my brother soon.

  But back to the earrings below.  My aunt hits a milestone this year and I always mail something to Denver for her birthday each year.   She wears a lot of red and looks great in white, so I wanted to do something with my dyed coral beads. 

Coral is the essence of life and a first chakra stone.   Good for anyone full of life and energy.   I added a jet spacer between the beads as an accent.  


Below is rhondite and onyx.   Rhondite is a love stone and affects the fourth chakra.  Essential to all women and represents love and forgiveness.   Onyx, as I have mentioned before represents strength and protection.  And besides, black goes with everything..........

Now to the third pair.  How could I leave out carnelian?  It looks great with the shell beads and it a love, money and health gemstone.  One of my favorites next to garnet!