Monday, February 24, 2014

More organizing, crochet practice and Kre-o finds and Kre-O news

There haven't been many KRE-O sets at close out stores lately, but I managed to find a few at Ross over the weekend.  I think the quality is great, but they cannot compete with Lego. Apparently, The KRE-O Transformer line will be taking a break after the film is released this year. It is rumored that they will have four sets that will have a Dinobot theme around that time and then they will be on hiatus for a year.  When that passes, these sets will be Toys R Us exclusive like the G.I. Joe sets, which I think is a good thing, but in the meantime, we are collecting Battleship sets or any stray Transformer sets for parts.

I have moved my cookbooks to a more accessible place.  I will use them more if I see them all the time.  I have a tendency to go online for recipes and tear meal ideas out of magazines.


I have included my herb books and craft books on this bookcase as well.  This is just a fraction of my book collection.  I have a huge library of herbal medicine, nutrition and books on health.

Below is my latest quick knit.  I am trying to practice more and learn different stitches.  Crochet books are great, but it cannot beat a You Tube tutorial.

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