Friday, March 7, 2014

Kre-o sets are still lurking about and Joann's has a lot of great deals...


Ross still has some close out Kre-o sets at discount prices.  I found a couple of Battleship sets which are great for some of geewunner's G.I. Joe parts.  It seems like hasbro cranked out a bunch of bumblebee kreons.   The TF ( transformer) word is till a bit small, so it comes as no surprise.   Ross has a ton of marvel characters in action figure form marked down and that seems to outweigh any Kre-o or Lego set.  


My find today was lucky.   We can use the parts for more creations, but also, it's great to find cool kreons.   The friends set was a bonus for me too!  Below, I took advantage of the coupon commotion promo at Joann's.   I am bathing certain colors for particular reasons, but red and black always seem to be a staple. 


Michael!s has some betsey Johnson stationary goodies.  These note cards are too cute! 

The flowers are going to be used for my ren faire floral headband for this year.  It's almost done, I just have a few things to add!  I love these roses, but a few leaves are needed. 

 I am knitting more and have mastered the garter stich. Now it's time to learn the pearl stitch with two needles.  I am determined to master this. 


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